6 Reasons To Consider A Traditional Wedding Over Eloping For Your Big Day

6 Reasons To Consider A Traditional Wedding Over Eloping For Your Big Day
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February 2, 2020

If your other half has just put a ring on your relationship then wedding planning may take up a considerable amount of time in the coming months. Couples often joke about “eloping” to escape the stresses of wedding planning.

The potential cost of a wedding can, at times, seem a little off-putting too. However, is eloping really the answer? Read on for reasons why you may want to go for a traditional wedding over eloping:

1. Having your family around

Eloping often means you’re getting married without your family and friends. It may be appealing if you have interfering aunts or annoying uncles, but will your parents forgive you? Mothers of the bride often look forward to wedding dress shopping with their daughters. Looking for the perfect dress can be a special time of bonding that you will look back on for years to come.

2. Reconnecting with friends

Chances are, as you’ve grown into adulthood, friends have got married and had babies and you probably don’t connect as much as you used to. Weddings, however, are great for catching up with old buddies. They can put the love and spark back into old friendships as you are living through this important milestone together. Missing out on this may mean that in order to last, old relationships need extra work further down the line.

3. Cost

One of the appealing points of eloping is the potentially low cost of the wedding in comparison to your average traditional wedding. However, a weekend wedding in vegas with an extended honeymoon may require a generous budget in itself. Moreover, couples also sometimes end up paying for close family and friends to attend to avoid upset. Navigating the logistics of getting married and looking after the wedding party abroad may prove to be more stressful than it seems. Stick with a small traditional wedding where you can wear the gown of your dreams followed by ‘staycation’ and you may save more.

4. Enjoy the wedding planning

Hopefully, you will only be doing this once! Wedding planning is a unique experience to have with your fiance. As you discuss the cake, and bicker over the venue, and lose sleep over the bridesmaids, the fact is, you may never have this experience again. By missing out on wedding planning, you may miss out on an opportunity to learn new things about each other right at the beginning of your marriage. It can be excellent drill training for what is to come!

5. Live with no regrets

The fact is, more people regret eloping than not eloping. They end up wishing for the wedding they never had. Even if you don’t enjoy being the centre of attention, or have difficult family relationships to navigate, you may still wonder what your wedding would have been life. Let yourself wear that beautiful wedding dress and be fussed over on your big day, because you deserve it.

6. Weddings are for everyone

Weddings are not just for the bride and groom, but they are for the families and the community. It could be argued that people who have seen you grow up and have been by your side through great achievements and milestones deserve to see you on one of the happiest days of your life. Let them share the joy with you.


While eloping may be the fun, spontaneous and stress-free thing to do, the fact is, there are many compelling reasons to choose a traditional wedding. It is a great opportunity to spend time with close family and friends and build memories that last a lifetime. Wedding dress shopping, for example, is often an experience shared with the bride’s mother and close girlfriends. It can be a great time to connect with each other.At Belle Marie Bridal in Brunswick we offer a unique bridal shopping service to our customers. You can try on exquisite gowns in our beautiful and luxurious studios while we pamper you and give you the experience of a lifetime. Get in touch today to book your appointment.


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