8 Wedding Dress Mistakes You Should Avoid

8 Wedding Dress Mistakes You Should Avoid
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July 25, 2019

Many brides dream of the perfect wedding dress a long time before even meeting the right person. If that isn’t you, then chances are, it was probably at least the first thing that popped into your mind after you got engaged. There are so many different factors to consider, from budget, to length, to style and material, and it is easy to become overwhelmed when shopping for your dress.

To get you started on your wedding dress shopping journey, the following are eight common mistakes to avoid so that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience:

1. Not budgeting adequately

It is crucial to set a realistic budget for your dream dress shopping. If you estimate too low, then it can turn your shopping dress experience into a nightmare as you have to turn away from dress after dress that you love. One of the first things you should do is sit down with your fianceé and discuss a budget for major wedding costs, including your dress. That will allow you to do some research and get your head into gear for what kind of dress to expect. Having a frank and open discussion will also help you both understand your priorities and allocate a bigger budget for your dress if you need to.

2. Being negative about your body

Shopping for your wedding dress should be a happy time. It is a time to love your body and find a dress style that flatters your shape and size. If you get hung up on all the things you don’t love about your body, the experience will become stressful and not enjoyable. Be positive, and love yourself, since, as they say, confidence is the most attractive feature of all.

3. Shop alone

While it may be tempting to not bother anyone and shop solo for your wedding dress, it can actually be a stressful experience for you. Trusted family and friends will be able to offer honest advice about not only whether your dress suits you, but also suits the theme of your wedding.

Wedding dress shopping is also a great form of bonding with friends and family who you may not see regularly, as the run up to your wedding can be a memorable and happy time for all.

4. Be reluctant to experiment

It may be tempting to stick with styles that you are accustomed to. But your wedding is essentially a time to look your best and go for the wow factor. By experimenting a little and being willing to try on different styles, you will open yourself up to possibilities you may not have considered before.

5. Purchasing before you are ready

There’s nothing wrong with shopping around and taking time to decide, however, remember that wedding dresses can sometimes take months to accommodate in a certain size or style. You should also leave yourself enough time to make adjustments if needed.

6. Shopping too early

People sometimes book in for appointments years in advance of a wedding. While this is not wrong, you do run a greater risk of changing your mind, or have styles go out of fashion. If you see a dress you love a few years before your wedding and then return closer to the late, you may be disappointed to learn that it is no longer available.

7. Settle for a dress you don’t love

Settling for a dress you don’t love will be something that you may regret in the long run. While other factors like budget may have to have a bearing on your final decision, it is still possible to find a dress you love within a certain price range. Make sure you love your dress, as you will want to look at your wedding pictures with excitement, rather than regret, in years to come.

8. Overcomplicating the decision

You should avoid trying on too many dresses which can get overwhelming and you may end up more confused than before. Generally speaking, when you try on the dress for you, you probably will not want to try on any more. Some brides say they feel teary when they try on the one that is meant for them, and others describe feeling euphoric.

The point is, you want to strike a balance between trying on enough ‘know’ but not too many to become confused and upset because you can’t decide.


By avoiding these eight mistakes, you are sure to enjoy your wedding dress shopping experience. It should be a fun and exciting process with loved ones that you remember fondly for the rest of your life. Get in touch with us at Belle Mariee Bridal and we will make sure you have a fruitful experience as you choose the wedding dress of your dreams.


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