Flower Girls And Flower Girl Dresses

Flower Girls And Flower Girl Dresses
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February 1, 2021

In any wedding the flower girls and flower girl dresses is the first thing in the entourage that the guests really look at. This is aside from the venue (should have more oomph), the flowers (where are the tulips?), the other guests and the wedding theme. The guests attention will be so engrossed with the little children whilst they scatter petals walking down the aisle and being so adorable.

Flower girls have a long history. They are included in the wedding entourage for more than just cuteness. The first wishes and intentions of the wedding are ferried by these little girls. There  were flower girls in the Roman empire that were usually young virgins with sprigs of wheat and other herbs that they said symbolised prosperity so the marriage would be a fruitful one for the bride and groom. The Renaissance period would have these girls carry threads of garlic thought to repel bad luck and evil spirits. 

The Elizabethan era would have these little ones toss flower petals or rosemary leaves  on the ground following musicians in a wedding parade. These traditions are samples of well wishes of fertility and prosperity for the couple on their wedding day. 

More than these wishes, the flower girl mirrors the bride’s innocence and life from childhood up to that walk down the aisle. This is apparent in the similar cut, style and colours of the bride and flower girl's dresses, make-up that everything is being matched into their intended theme. It is when these kids see and are a part of these lavish weddings that seal their imagination on their own dream wedding.

Modern flower girls, like the ones we have now, are more than just a mini-bride. They are tiny individuals who have their own particular quirks and personalities. They are sometimes asked what they want to wear and then sometimes they volunteer it themselves. Some of the older wedding attendants may not be too impressed with the trappings and finery but the little ones will love all the attention and the trimmings although they may balk at staying still, practice and rehearsals. 

Practical tips for choosing flower girl dresses
  • Consider age, personality and date/season of the wedding. Floor length dresses can be difficult for little girls. They drag and may catch or trip on their little feet. The date of the wedding is important so they would all be dressed appropriately. There may be additional accessories or details to make the wearer more comfortable.
  • Make it special enough to be worn on special occasions but practical enough not to be fussed over. The material used should be something not too dainty that could snag and get ruined, nor should it be too heavy that it becomes uncomfortable after some time.

Flower girls are often a young relative or friend’s child that they asked to be part of the wedding party. They can sometimes be replaced with pets or fur babies. Ring bearers, too. The young attendants can be done away completely when they want the ceremony to be simple. 

But a wedding without children, flower girls and ring bearers, cannot be called a celebration. These little ones add delight and gaiety to the affair. Their little mishaps and accidents sometimes is what makes the event memorable.


There is a history in including the flower girl and ring bearers to a wedding entourage. It predates the public's preference of white wedding dresses. This article also include a few pointers in choosing flower girl dresses.


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