How To Pick The Right Wedding Dress

How To Pick The Right Wedding Dress
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August 14, 2019

Many of us dream of our wedding days, and plan them through our teens. It is a day where you want to look breathtakingly beautiful and take glamorous photographs that you look back on for years to come. To achieve this kind of perfection, you need to put a little thought into the type of wedding dress to go for.

Depending on your body shape, certain dresses will look flattering, and others may not do you justice. Choosing the right dress requires a little planning and shopping around. Read on for some ways of deciding which wedding dress will make you look like a dream:

1. Consider shape

When it comes to the style, body shape should be the deciding factor. An A-line style can look jaw-droppingly gorgeous if you have a pear or apple shaped body. It will have a fitted bodice which will show off the shape of your waist, while curving outwards as it falls down. If you’re worried about the size of your bottom half, then this is a flattering shape to go for. If you prefer something more modest and elegant then an empire dress could be just what you are looking for. It crutches in at the bust and flows our similarly to the A-line. It looks wonderful on most body types.

2. Consider proportions

If you are busty then you may need a dress with a fitted corset for extra support. This will help you feel confident about not revealing too much accidently. Square necklines can look stunning on these body shapes.

3. Consider height

If you are tall and lean then you will want to either mask this or flaunt it. If it is the former then a mermaid dress can create beautiful womanly curves. If you want to show off your height and shape, then a sheath dress is exactly what you want to go for. It will follow your body length making you look breathtaking.

For more petite brides, it is advisable to go for dresses with vertical detailing, especially if you want to appear taller. Horizontal beading or designs can make you look shorter than you are.

4. Consider budget

There is a dream dress for every budget. Having a limit doesn’t mean you can’t look a million dollars and more. If you set yourself a loose budget range, then you can comfortably shop around within it. At Belle Mariee Bridal, we have stunning options for every bride no matter what the budget.

5. Consider time & location

Whether you are getting married in summer or winter, locally or abroad, the weather, as well as your preferences will have a bearing on which type of material you go for. In addition, the location of your wedding will also play a part. You won’t want an expensive silk piece for a beach wedding for example, but you may want something loose, gorgeous and flattering all the same. At Belle Mariee Bridal we can offer you experienced advice to help you decide.


There are many ways to choose the wedding dress of your dreams. Your body shape, height, budget and the location of your wedding can all play a part in the type of dress you go for. At Belle Mariee Bridal we serve the brides of Melbourne and beyond with the luxury they deserve while planning their weddings. Our team promises a relaxing and fun experience where we offer you the best advice to choose the right wedding dress for you. Come and visit us to see how we can help you become the bride you have always wanted to be.


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