Once Upon A Dream: A Guide To Bridal Gown Styles

Once Upon A Dream: A Guide To Bridal Gown Styles
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January 13, 2021

Every heavenly mist disguised as a wedding dress was somebody’s once upon a dream. Little girls tend to have a phase of drawing dresses in many styles. Puffed balloon dresses, sleek short outfits, those that match their personalities or what they were feeling at that time. At the time of design, these little ones doodle to their heart's content. They draw their dreams without regard to body size, age restrictions or what’s supposed to go or not go with it. They just draw what they think is pretty and all the stuff they imagine would look perfect with the dress.

Dreaming About Weddings?

Dreams about weddings, according to popular belief, signifies a beginning or shift in their life. To some it is a reflection of their life's issues, their freedom or lack of it, their obligations and bitterness in life. Things that need to be resolved often present themselves in dreams. These are adult dreams. The dreams of the young rarely involve such heavy thoughts and emotions. Theirs are full of hope and plans, of flights of fancy, free and unburdened. These dreams rarely get realised. They cost nothing but can start the road to everything.  

once upon a dream a guide to bridal gown styles
Dream Wedding Dresses

Princess ball gowns - A little girl introduced to the world of fairy tales would naturally be drawn to the ball gown type of dresses, flowing and cloud-like. Traditionally worn at formal events, it is so-called because it was worn at balls or formal gatherings.

A line gowns - The high point of this gown is the natural flow of the shape of the brides’ figure. It is snug at the hips and gently flows out creating a sort of A shape. This style can have any necklines and is so flexible and flattering for body types.  

Fit and flare - The skirts of fit and flare are fuller than that of an A line type. The flare can begin from the waist or the hips even near the knees with a full skirt. The skirt accentuates the brides every move and with its cinched waist  it gives the hour-glass appearance that most women aim for.

Mermaid style - An elegant dress from the 1930’s developed by French designer Marchel Rojas, this hugs the female form and flares out below the kness creating the illusion of a fish tail thereby being dubbed a mermaid style dress.

Sheath dress - A straight cut, form fitting dress that usually ends around knee length with short sleeves. It gives the emphasis to the female silhouette nipping it at the waist but with no interruptions of a waist seam. It presents a clean, sleek line that is pleasing to the eyes and to the brides’ figure.

Making A Dream A Reality

A wedding in reality is a culmination of a lifelong wish that a couple is trying very hard to make come true. Let Belle Mariee be part of the completion of this dream. Belle Mariee bridal have the best materials and excellent craftsmanship for a dazzling  walk down that dreamy aisle.


A bridal gown, since its inception, is an image of a feeling - once upon a dream, that is depicted in fabric. The styles and cuts reflect the personality and desires of the brides.


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