Popular Wedding Dress Colours

Popular Wedding Dress Colours
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May 22, 2021

More than the popular wedding dress styles,  wedding dress colours are one of the more provocative subjects in choosing your bridal gown. And, yes, you can choose a colour for your dress. Predictably, though, those that already know this are brides that are very strong-minded and determined and know what they want. 

Red is the colour of love. Somehow, one would assume that it should be a theme for a wedding, to include wedding dresses for brides. White has always been a choice for many although it may become a different one when the bride prefers something else. Beige, ecru, eggshell, nude, ivory, off-white are sample substitutions for a more mature bride. While other more outlandish colours are chosen on occasion. Corals, pinks, blues and others of the rainbow spectrum have been used by various brides on their special day.   

Not So White Wedding Dresses

Colours have a particular impact. Whether it be objects or places, colours add a bit more to it. Certain colours denote a feeling and give that something extra. Take popular wedding dress colours, for example. White is considered to symbolise purity, innocence and spirituality, while beige, ecru and similar shades give the dependability, flexibility vibe. Pinks and corals, which are among a little girl’s usual favourite colours, is a universal colour for selflove and embodies the romantic, feminine and playful side of a woman. Red, in the meantime, reflects the passion, desire and the more active side of love. 

That traditional wedding rhyme of “something borrowed, something blue”, can pertain to the bridal gown as well as other things. Although blue, mostly associated with boys as pink is with girls, is one of the most recognisable colours as it is the colour of the sky. It was a practice that Irish brides wore a blue bridal gown. Blue held the prestige and colour meaning attributed to white before it became popular.


Although white will remain to be one of the most popular wedding dress colours, getting one of the more popular wedding dresses in the colour you envision may just be the best gift you can give yourself on your wedding.


Something borrowed, something blue may refer to a bridal gown, a shoe or something entirely different. Melbourne wedding dresses can feature more than one colour besides white. Here are a few popular other-than-white wedding dresses.


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