Simple Weddings, Perfect Wedding Gowns

Simple Weddings, Perfect Wedding Gowns
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April 8, 2021

Perfect wedding gowns are what brides aspire to complement the perfect wedding that they have always envisioned. But perfection is such a broad word and may mean different things for different brides. A wedding is a time for jubilation and to some a fulfillment of a dream. Just like brides are different, what their weddings and wedding day may have varied meanings. A wedding is the climax of a single woman’s journey. Not all will wed but most women have dreamed of this day for a long time. A time or two some have even designed their own bridal gowns and wedding dresses, picturing how it will look on them, dreaming of their wedding day.

More than wanting a perfect wedding gown, this is a day of a love fulfilled, everything else is icing on the cake. To make everything work, most brides work with a wedding planner, some with friends and others simply do it themselves. Still, a basic task is to double check if everything has been ticked and prepared. Will it be a destination wedding? An elopement? A traditional wedding? Somewhere outdoors? 

Even a simple wedding becomes perfect for one who wants a simple and no frills wedding. Simple as it may be, it would be nice to have some trimmings. The very basics of a wedding should include:

Invitations - even the plainest wedding would require invitations. It can be handmade and still classy. Or create one, there are easy-to-do templates online.

Decide on a venue - consider the season, the date and probable venue. Aim for a theme and make décor, flowers and keepsakes complement each other.

An officiant - a priest, a minister or the captain of a ship/boat are usually the ones who would officiate a wedding ceremony. 

A wedding reception - it could be a small affair of cake and wine or biscuits and drinks with good friends and family for a few hours. Some venues offer a full package with drinks and food. It covers some incidentals, too, like the use of tables, chairs, linens, lighting and the like. The modern trend for wedding receptions include photo booths, hashtags (for wedding photos taken by guests) for a more unified collection.

The wedding dress - the highlight and most important as all eyes will be on the bride and her wedding dress. Finding the perfect foil to this beautiful bride. Factors to be considered will include budget, body shape, comfort, when it would be worn, and how often. Some brides are opting for a more casual look, one that they could wear on special occasions and not just wearing it one time and hiding it in their closet.

The bride, the groom - the people celebrating their love are the most important ingredient to every wedding. 

Just these essentials are sufficient to have a simple but memorable wedding day. Perfection is a matter of perspective. What could be perfect for one might not be for another. But with some time, patience and a lot of hard work, this day will turn out just the way you dreamt it, perhaps more.


Perfection is a matter of perspective and fundamentally, a matter of choice. Simple can be perfect in the eyes of a bride. After all, with love, all becomes rosy.


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