What's In A Wedding Dress

What's In A Wedding Dress
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December 21, 2020

Hopes, dreams and girly wishes, that’s what’s in a wedding dress. It is an unintended fixation carried on from adults to children for a long time. It has been passed down so long that it might have been ingrained into our subconscious. But our idea of weddings change as time goes on. Vogue had an article of how weddings changed in the last decade. It is the years when gay marriage became legal, sneakers can take part in the ceremony.

The oohs and aahs that we express when we see a bride walk down the aisle, or even when she models the dress is proof that we see something magical and ethereal. Maybe it is the dreams of the audience or the wishes of the client, but wearing it makes one feel an extra oomph.

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Wedding dresses were popularised in the Victoria era. The first actual princess who wore a white wedding dress was Philippa of England, daughter of King Henry IV on her wedding ceremony with Eric of Pomerania dating back in 1406. She wore white silk made into a tunic with a cloak. Her coronation followed soon after. Most wedding dresses of that time were in bold, rich colours.  White, then, was usually used for mourning. What prompted her to wear white   Eventually, white dresses and veils symbolised innocence and purity then became a trend in matrimonial ceremonies during the Victorian era. Wealthy people wore white dresses in silk, both the colour and material is impractical to use more than once suggesting they can afford to be impractical, flaunting their wealth while their poorer counterparts wore their Sunday’s best.

There are many myths attached to weddings ranging from colours to wedding gifts. The bride’s dresses are not exempted from these myths. The bride is not supposed to sew her own dress, if so, each stitch becomes a tear on her married life. Guests are encouraged to wear pearls as this will take the brides’ tears away making her married life a happy one.. Wearing the gown before the day of the wedding is also taboo, if she did, there’s a big chance that the wedding will be cancelled. Most movies depict this part as one jilting the other or death of one in some cases.

Speaking about wedding dresses, Melbourne offers brides luxe, customisable bridal gowns that suit their personality and modified however they want. All the little girls at some point in their lives adored and imagined a bridal dress that would be perfect someday. Each dream is a little different. One could be made from silk with a long train, or short a line with a sweetheart neckline in lace and all the trappings that make up a dream.  

In the end, we are all just little kids, trying on clothes to feel more confident, or be somebody else more. A piece of an image of a dream.


What's in a wedding dress? Someone's hopes and dreams. A glimpse of the past and faith in the future. It is weaved in history, clothed in girlish fantasies and hopefulness.


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