Which Wedding Dress Is For Me

Which Wedding Dress Is For Me
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June 13, 2021

A would-be bride often asks “Which wedding dress is for me?”. There is something about getting married that makes a woman feel insecure. This might stem from wanting that perfect wedding day, the likes of which are read from fairy tales and other such events seen on TV and social media. The pressure for perfection can be such a pain.

Choosing your wedding dress - who to ask

Recommendations from friends and family

A bridal gown that embodies the girl that was once and the woman that she prepares to be is usually what a bride is after. Sometimes, those nearest the bride are more excited. They get to ask probing questions and get giggly on details. They may sound superficial but sometimes the finer points of a wedding gown is gleaned from it.

A friend or a relative oftentimes knows the secret longings we have or childhood dreams. This might provide insight on what the bride may want. They may even offer constructive criticism. Most bridal shop trips also become bonding moments.  Some brides are determined to wear their mothers wedding gowns to their own weddings

In house bridal shop designer

They do say that the experts know best. They studied and practiced their craft of finding the best for their clients. They know how to cover for flaws they spot. These fashion designers work with their clients assets as well as their wishes to create a harmonious look that will sit well with their client. An honest discussion of what you envision can be a starting point. Like budget considerations, for one. 

Your personal preferences

You have the final say in all this. Being a bride comes with perks of being understood and sometimes catering to your whims. What you like, what fits your budget and what looks good on you may be three separate things that can be combined into one. In some cases tradition, wishes and practicality can coexist.  

Brides these days still want their dream wedding. Striking a perfect balance of what can be done with what they want  is in itself, an achievement. Which wedding dress? It is all up to you. With a little bit of planning, and a lot of elbow grease, your perfect wedding gown can be the highlight of your perfect wedding celebration.


Bridal shop trips can become bonding experiences as well as illuminating encounters leading to the answer on which wedding dress is perfect.


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