Belle Mariee Bridal

Terms & Conditions


A 50% non-refundable deposit is to be paid in full on the day you decide to purchase your gown. The remaining 50% of payment is due prior to picking up your gown and prior to us handing the gown over to you.


For any off the rack purchase, FULL PAYMENT is required on the day you decide to purchase – we cannot guarantee availability of any off the rack gown if full payment is not made to secure your gown.


We are not obliged to alter or dry clean any off the rack purchase, unless pre-approved by the manager.


We do not provide any refunds or exchanges for any off-the-rack purchases.


We provide a 24 hour cooling off period on any new orders placed, which entitles you to a refund or exchange (pending manager approval)


A cancellation fee of 75% of the original purchase price will be deducted from any cancelled order.


Alterations are NOT included in the purchase price of the gown. An alterations quote will be provided to you at your first fitting.


Strictly no try-ons on Saturdays and Sundays.


Once you have collected your gown, if your gown gets damaged/ soiled due to not handling your gown with care, we will not be held liable for damages caused by the mishandling of your gown and will not mend any damages.


Gowns must be collected and paid for in full no later than seven (7) days before your wedding date.


Any order placed less than five (5) months before the date of your wedding will incur a $700.00 rush fee.


No gown can be made less than four (4) months out from your wedding date.


We take six to eight (6-8) months to make your gown; with the production process starting as soon as we receive your FULL 50% deposit.


A Made To Measure gown is an additional $500.00, in addition to the purchase price of the standard gown quote. This ensures the gown is tailored to fit your exact body measurements ONLY. We take your measurements on the day of purchase and a follow-up set of measurements will be taken two to six (2-6) weeks after the initial set of measurements is done.


Additional alterations for example (but not limited to) adding a bustle, additional beading, lengthening the train or additional boning is NOT included in the Made To Measure price.


If you order a Made To Measure gown and your measurements dramatically change after your last set of measurements and before/after your first fitting, additional alterations may need to be done. These alterations are NOT included in the Made to Measure Price.


For any standard size gown, we order the standard size that is closest to your measurements. If you need to alter your standard size gown, we can alter the gown for you at our alteration rates, an alterations quote will be provided to you at your first fitting.


If you do not wish to use our services for your alterations, you may take the gown to your preferred alterer. However, once the gown has been altered by another provider (i.e not altered by us), we will not be held accountable for any errors the unknown provider may make.
No refunds or exchanges will be provided by us in this regard.


Due to our gowns being hand beaded and due to the gowns having lace appliquéd by hand, there may be slight variation in the exact positioning of certain lace and beading.


All fabrics used to manufacture any garment are dyed. Due to the nature of fabric dying, there may be slight colour variation when comparing your gown to the store sample. These colour variations occur due to the gowns being under bright lights in our store for a sustained period of time.